It always happens that you contact an IT firm for system upgrade and in turn you get a series of useless upgrades that you didn’t need and never asked for. Well, sad but it happens all the time. Most of the computer repair firms and IT companies have their side deals going on and they get paid well for pushing their products either directly or indirectly. But the thing is, when you don’t need such upgrades there is actually no point in having such hardware or software and complex applications in your system.

After having such useless stuffs on your system, you headache only grows from there as you not only need to maintain and monitor them but they don’t even help you with your original concern for which you requested for a system upgrade.

The solution to such problem is creating and implementing a custom network solution and yet it can be very much done. Most people who are not well versed with computers find it easy to believe that networking systems are nothing but template designs and as a user you can only choose something that solves your purpose, even if it comes with a plethora of other useless stuffs. This couldn’t be any further from the truth.

If you are dealing with a competent and well known IT company they would understand your business thoroughly and design a network system considering all you business needs without loading your system with junk. For example networksystems in Surrey can be found easily with customizing option as there are some competent and well known IT firms that help businesses do.

Yes it is true that it takes a bit of time to design and implement a custom network system but once it is done it adds a lot of value to your business growth by streamlining the work flow; not to mention the window to make changes in future is always open. Most of the incompetent IT companies push to upgrade your system regardless of how new or old your system is. They try to make you believe that the one you have right now is obsolete and you need something new, which pricier. This is very similar to a mechanic not just changing the clutch pad in your car but instead suggesting you to buy a new vehicle from his friend’s dealership.

You don’t have to be an expert in computers or IT for these matters. In fact, good IT firms that offer networking system solutions always offer word class support to their customers. A perfect example would by, which offers excellent customer support and is known for its service.

No matter what the nature of your business is, you do need IT consultancy for growth in this fast paced IT driven world. So, it becomes your responsibility to find the right IT consultant that is not always on the lookout for duping you for every penny possible but is actually willing to offer the service that you need.

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