If you are a gadget freak, selling and buying gadgets would certainly be something that you definitely do every few months. Most people looking to buy used gadgets at a good price look for their favorite gadgets online since there is a wide variety of brands on sale and it gets easier to compare prices of the same gadget offered by other sellers and websites. So, the best way to strike a good deal when selling you gadget is to list them online. There are a number of websites online that deal with used gadgets. Let’s look at a few pointers that will help get you the most bucks out of your old gadget.

  1. Offer Additional Accessories: Adding accessories is bound to catch the attention of the buyer and if the accessory is useful enough he/she will not mind spending a few extra bucks. Selling them separately could be at a loss, so selling them along with your gadget can help you make some extra bucks.
  2. Saving all your warranty certificates and manuals: This proves the authenticity of the gadget and the warranty card (if valid) can be an added point for you to increase the amount by a few dollars more than the other sellers on the websites. Clearly mention in your ad that all of these are also available. Mention the age and the usage (like sparsely used) and this could help you get a better price than other sellers.
  3. Be a Smart Buyer: When you are buying a gadget, keep its resale value in mind as well, since you will eventually sell it for something better or upgrade to a newer version. So, make sure when you make your purchase, you pick a gadget that is at the beginning of its product release cycle. Gadgets that are just one year old will have a resale value that is not too far below the actual cost price. Apple products have a great resale value and predicting their product release cycle is also fairly easy. SLR cameras also have a very good re sale price.
  4. Save on listing the ad on a free site: There are a few great sites that are sure to get you a good deal. Here are a few with their pros and cons:
  • Craigslist: This is a great website for selling gadgets since the listing is free and gets you connected to the seller directly. You may not be able to get a very good price instantly and there could be a good number of scammers but if you take some time out to get to know your customer better then you can get onto the next level on convincing him/her of your price. Use strong points like ‘rarely used’ and ‘includes warranty’ that your buyer will not be able to resist.
  • Amazon: Amazon is a trustworthy site with a very few scammers. Amazon works on a commission basis but if your gadget is worth a good amount then adding the charges to the value of your gadget would be ideal. Dealing through Amazon is hassle free since you can just send them a bunch of your items and they will take care of everything including parcelling the gadget to the customer.
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